Fuchsia Machu Picchu | Vinyl w/ MP3 Download

Fuchsia Machu Picchu | Vinyl w/ MP3 Download


Fuchsia Machu Picchu. When surprises this sublime fall out of the sky, there is no other response than to shake the head in wonder and say "thank you." Joachim Cooder has been playing music his entire life, becoming a percussion master in the process. Almost a decade ago, the Southern Californian made an album of collaborations titled Love On a Real Train that pointed to assured future greatness. That greatness has arrived on his first real solo album. These seven songs have a cosmic-edged center to them that takes all of Cooder's many adventures, wraps everything in a big bow, and delivers them like a really early holiday present. Songs like "Elevated Boy," "Everyone Sleeps in the Light," and "Gaviota Drive" are, simply, stunning. There is a playfulness that goes way beyond anything else being recorded today, and Cooder's vocals are always irresistible. - Bill Bentley


Fuchsia Machu Picchu

Elevated Boy

Everyone Sleeps in the Light

Calm My Mind

Because the Moonlight

Gaviota Drive 

Country Blues


All Songs by Joachim Cooder

Except “Country Blues” by Doc Boggs

PUBLISHING: Zegema Beach Music / BMI

Produced by Joachim Cooder

Engineered & Mixed by Martin Pradler

Recorded at Wireland in Chatsworth, CA

Design & Layout, Desi Moore

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